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1) Providing the needed technologies for wise governance in the field of water, soil, environment and droughts management through public participation and organizational cohesion;

2) Intelligent and integrated management of the environment and climate risks, soil erosion prevention and control by ensuring multilateral coordination among social, economic, infrastructure and services sectors;

3) Development and localization of the needed technologies for comprehensive watershed management; conservation, restoration, development and optimal utilization of water resources, soil and habitats in line with the principles of sustainable development;

4) Development, promotion and implementation of the needed technological standards for preserving the safety and quality of water, soil, air and environment and preserving them against contamination;

5) Encouraging support for developing technologies in the field of water, drought management, soil conservation and the environment and promoting investments in these areas;

6) Facilitating national coordination and synergy for developing the needed technologies with an emphasis on the participation of public and private sectors, cooperatives, knowledge-based companies, and scientific associations;

7) Expanding the scope of communications and interactions with a view to maximize the utilization of national and international capacities in the development and exchange of technologies;

8) Expanding green economy and environmental economics by making use of technological capacities;

9) Providing access to equitable opportunities for the acquisition and development of related technologies;

10) Giving priority to the use of clean and renewable energies in producing technologies for the conservation of water, soil and air resources and the environment;

11) Increased sustainability of biodiversity and habitat restoration by exploiting environmental science and technology;

12) Institutionalization of public participation and social associations in developing related technologies to water, soil and environment;

13) Establishing an advanced system of innovation and technology in the field of water, soil, and environment.


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