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News > head of technology council of WDEE and faculty member of the Soil and Watershed Management Research Institute, has highlighted the new priorities of council

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the new priorities of the WDEE council

head of technology council of WDEE and faculty member of the Soil and Watershed Management Research Institute, has highlighted the new priorities of council


Dr. Nadergholi Ebrahimi highlighted the new priorities of the council to create synergies between the elites and the active sectors in the field of the council duties.

He emphasized that this technology council is one of important councils of vice-presidency for science and technology because the task titles are the challenges of today"s Iran and the world. These national and international challenges have made the council duties heavy. So, protection implementations of vital elements  (water, soil and air) are essential for healthy life continuity. Due to the increasing need of humankind, unplanned intervention in nature has led to destructive changes. So that soil degradation and air pollution is a serious threat to the present and future of mankind on local, regional and global scales. Climate change phenomena, flood and drought events, erosion, soil degradation, spread of pollutants in water resources cycle are existing threats. Protecting water, soil and air requires global, regional and national determination. Therefore, in line with the view of 1404, we should be able to produce science and technology in the fields of water, drought, soil conservation and environment as well as create the proper and sustainable interaction between human and natural ecosystems in order to be an advanced country in the region with well status for the supply of these technologies.

Head of WDEE council  said " climate change phenomenon which has happened in the universe has affected council responsibilities in four subjects of water, drought, erosion and the environment today".

He said "Although the tasks in these fields are difficult but are solvable" and continued: "With the help of all those who belong to this land, we must start new plans and Jihadism measures to address solution for some problems in software entry and hardware of science and technology in water, soil and environment subjects.

According to him, there should be a fundamental and coordinated program in the country to make technology meaningful. Key word of technology in developmental programs in the interaction with universities, knowledge-based companies, organizations for the use of unconventional waters, water  reuse, evaporation reduction, water productivity, water resource management, desalination, production in closed environments, soil stabilization, erosion estimation models, air pollution, dust, control and reduction of wastes, etc.,  should be aimed.

He said" the first step of the technology council of WDEE is to create a synergy between governmental agencies, knowledge-based companies and ... in the field of water, drought, erosion and environment technologies".


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